Matthew's practice is concerned with the spaces for art, be it the artwork that is situated within it, the physical environment that surrounds it, or the languages and pedagogy that is inherently linked to it. Matthew is interested in the circulation of the artwork, the gallery, the audience and the institution and how these categories are altered when divorced from time and place.

In doing so Matthew is seeking to ask questions regarding new encounters with art; where they should take place and in what form. Matthew is also extremely interested in the artist spectator relationship; where does the interpretation of the work exists and to what means can it be manipulated, altered, and transferred.

Matthew's videos are created through the use of body worn surveillance cameras, often multiple in numbers and of a low quality. These cameras function as a catalyst for displacing the categories mentioned above, and they also serve to manipulate the audience into becoming unwittingly complicit in the work.

Matthew's work opens up layers of possibilities within: the tragic space,the foreclose space and the potential space.

"Perplications" are "cross-foldings" that introduce a creative distanation into the midsts of things........Perplications are thus what allows one to trace the diagonal lines in a fabric that cut accross it so as to fold it again.

"......this dissolution of the self into the masses, grants the author the possibility of controlling the audience - whereby the viewer forfeits his secure external position, his aesthetic distance from the artwork, and thus becomes not just a participant but also an integral part of the artwork. In this way participatory art can be understood not only as a reduction, but also as an extension, of authorial power" (Groys, 2008, in Frieling, Groys, Atkins, Manovich, 2008, p23).

Upcoming Exhibtions
Sluice Exchange Berlin / Berlin / November 2018

Selected Group Exhibitions

Folkestone Triennial / Folkestone
Vermont Studio Centre / Vermont USA
Sluice Art Fair / London
Filmarmalade / Arnolfini
Future Cities / Urban Encounters Symposium / Resonance FM / London
The Modern Language Experiment / Sluice Art Fair / London
mise-en-scène / Bow Arts Open Show 2013/ curated by Cullinan Richards/ London
This Fanciful Digression / CAN / Neuchatel, curated by Michelle Deignan’s and Carmen Billows
This Fanciful Digression / The Black Maria / London, curated by Michelle Deignan’s and Carmen Billows
"30 Artists 30 Days" / Studio 1.1 / London
/ Round Chapel / London, curated by Imogen O'rorke and Nicky Wassell
Illusion of the Spectator
/ Angus-Hughes Gallery / London
Shit Show / Malgras Naudet / Manchester
Madame Wang issue 2 / banner Repeater / London
Waiting for Suicidal Hares / curated by Jon Moscow / Chongqing, China
Sluice Art Fair / The Modern Language Experiment / London
Artists Books Weekend / The Modern Language Experiment @ The Mews / London
Schizm Magazine / Banner Repeater / London
Connection Point / Bow Arts Open Show 2011/ curated by Edward Lucie Smith and Max Presniel / London
SURVILE-ANCE / X-RAY at the Perseverance / London
Deceit / The Modern Language Experiment / Hackney Wicked Festival, London
LDN/BRU / Congres Station / BRXLBRAVO / Brussels
MA Degree show / Central St.Martins / London
Jamais Vu / Hackneywicked festival / London
V22 presents: The Sculpture Show / London
Catch My Drift / Central St.Martins Interim show / London
WANTED / The Rag Factory / London
Brussels meets Brighton / Platform Centrale / Brighton
E8: The Heart of Hackney / Transition Gallery / London
Urban Perception / ACT ART / London
The Wormhole Salon / Whitechapel Art Gallery / London
Eye of the Senses / Surface gallery / Nottingham
Urban Perception / Bath Fringe Festival / Bath
BE AWARE! / Candid Arts Trust / London
BE AWARE! There is C.C.T.V in operation / Hype Gallery / London

Madame Wang Review, Treignac project 2011
Treignac Project, 2010

Organisation / Groups
New International School (NIS)
Treignac Project, France
Modern Language Experiment (partner)

Press / Publications
Matzine issue 10, 2012
Notes on Illusion of the Audience, 2012
Madame Wang issue 2, 2011
Schizm Magazine issue 3, 2011
E8 Heart of hackney Publication, With forward by Charlie Porter, published by Transition gallery, 2007
Hackney Gazette, 2007
Guardian Guide, 2007
Time Out, 2007
Bloomberg TV, televised interview about Hype Gallery exhibitio, 2004


Goldsmiths College, 2014
Plymouth Univserity, 2014
Sluice Art Fair, 2013
Bermondsey Project Space, 2013
University of Bedfordshire, 2011-2012
Made in Goldsmiths, 2011

MA Fine Art / Central St. Martins / 2009
BA Fine Art / Derby University / 1997